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rosa parks

  • birth of rosa

    on feb 4 1913 rosa McCauley is born
  • in school

    in school
    Rosa is enrolled in Montgomery Industrial School for Girls
  • High School

    High School
    She attends Booker T. Washington High School for ninth grade, but drops out when her grandmother becomes very ill and later dies
  • 10 &11th grade

    10 &11th grade
    For 10th and 11th grades, she attends Alabama State Teachers College for Negroes.
  • Marries

    Marries Raymond Parks
  • N.A.A.C.P.

    12 years before her famous stand Rosa Parks bravely refuses to give up her seat and is ejected from a racially segregated bus. She then tries to register to vote and is denied. She becomes secretary of the Montgomery NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • Raymond work at naacp

    Rosa and her husband Raymond work with Montgomery branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP's) programs. Rosa Parks acts as secretary and later a youth leader
  • Martin Luther King

    Rosa Parks meets Martin Luther King
  • arrested

    Rosa Parks is arrested in Montgomery, Alabama for refusing to give her seat on the bus to a white passenger.
  • stands trial

     stands trial
    She stands trial and is found guilty of breaking the segregation laws. Martin Luther King becomes the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association which was organised due to protest against the incident involving Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott begins which will last 381 days
  • bus law

    bus law
    The Montgomery buses are desegregated and black passengers could legally take any seat on the city's buses
  • Civil Rights

    Congress of the United States passes the Civil Rights Act
  • riots

    Riots break out on the campus at the University of Mississippi
  • Black protest

    Birmingham, Alabama police chief, Eugene "Bull" Connor, becomes a symbol of racism when he broadcasts his methods of using dogs and fire hoses to stop peaceful demonstrators of the Black protest movement
  • Martin Luther King is arrested

     Martin Luther King is arrested
    Martin Luther King is arrested in St. Augustine, Florida for attempting to eat in a white-only restaurant
  • Summer riots

    Summer riots where 43 people are killed
  • husband dies

    husband dies
    Her husband, Raymond Parks, 74, dies of cancer.
  • robbed

    Rosa Parks is assaulted and robbed of $53 in the home she rents in Detroit. The robber is arrested and convicted
  • hospitalized

    Rosa Parks speaks at the Million Man March in WashingtonShe is hospitalized after a fall in her apartmentThe Rosa Parks Learning Center opens at Botsford Commons, a senior community in Michigan where young people mentor senior citizens on the use of computers
  • receives Medal

     receives Medal
    Rosa Parks receives the Medal of Freedom President Bill Clinton
  • TV

    Rosa Parks appeared in a TV episode of Touched By An Angel
  • The Rosa Parks Story

    Filming of "The Rosa Parks Story" CBS Television Movie
  • Showing of: "The Rosa Parks Story

    Showing of: "The Rosa Parks Story" CBS Television Mov
  • Hall of Fame Award

    Rosa Parks is honored with the International Institute Heritage Hall of Fame Award She is diagnosed with progressive dementia.
  • Rosa Parks dies

    Rosa Parks dies on in her Detroit home
  • funrul

    Rosa Parks' funeral service, seven hours long, was held at the Greater Grace Temple Church.