Reagan film landing

Ronald Reagan

  • birth

    he was born in 1911.
  • starts schooling

    starts schooling
    he starts schooling
  • graduated collage

    graduated collage
    went to eureka collage fished
  • regans job

    ronald became a talk show person on a radio
  • he became a actor

    he became a actor
    ron became a actor.
  • got married

    got married
    got married to his first wife jane
  • got hitiched again

    got hitiched again
    got married to nancy reagan
  • became gov of californa

    became gov of californa
    he was sworn in as a republican
  • became president

    became president
    became the president of the 50 states as a republican
  • cut taxes

    cut taxes and enployed people
  • puplic thought

    pepole stared to really like regan throgh hes presidencey
  • reagan died

    reagan died
    ronald reagan passed away