Romeo Juliet Timeline

Timeline created by beauseph
In Film
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    Prince Sees Families fighting

    The prince sees the families fighting and tells them the next time they fight it will cost them their life.
  • 2

    Romeo Visits Juliet at Balcony

    Romeo visits juliet after the party at her house.
  • 3

    Romeo and Juliet get married.

    Romeo and Juliet get married a day after the party.
  • 4

    The Plague

    The plague doesnt let him bring the note to Romeo.
  • 5

    Romeo buys the poison

    Romeo buys the poison to kill himself.
  • 6

    Paris dies

    Romeo kills Paris because he told Paris to leave and he didnt
  • 7

    Romeo Dies

    Romeo drinks the poison and kills himself after looking at Juliet.
  • 8

    Juliet wakes up

    Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo and Friar Lawrence
  • 9

    Juliet kills herself

    After she wakes up she sees Romeo dead and she kills herself.
  • 11

    Juliet statue

    A statue is built in honor of Juliet after she dies.