Romanticism Era and Walt Whitman

  • Jean Jacques Rosseau

    Jean Jacpues Rosseau who was the pioneer of the Romanticism era publishes his first novel called "Julie or the New Heloise."
  • French revolution

    The French Revolution begins and influences the Romanticism writers works.
  • Writers work together

    Samuel Coleridge and William Wordsworth collect many peices by various writers of the romanticism era and publish it calling it "Lyrical Ballads."
  • William Wodsworth

    One of William Wodsworth'a first poems is published that he entitled "I wandered lonley as a cloud"
  • Frankenstein

    Frankenstein is published by writer mary WollstoneCraft Shelley. It is a Gothic novel that was stimulated from some of the elements of Romanticism.
  • Slow decline

    When Queen Victoria takes the crown of the United Kingdom, the Romanticism movement slowly declines.
  • Walt Whitman

    Walt whitman publishes his first novel which was called; Franklin Evans. It was quite popular but later in life whitman described it as "rot."
  • Whitmans first publication

    Whitmans very first publication of Leaves of Grass. The book had 12 poems at the time all of which were written in a new style. Publishing Leaves of Grass for the first time, stared whitmans career.
  • First publication

    July, 4th 1855 was the first publication of Leaves of Grass. He published it because he wanted his poetry to9 get out there and be read by others. Though sales did not shake out the way he had hoped.
  • Second edition

    Second publication of Leaves of Grass with 32 poems. His career is based off of updating Leaves of Grass (which he publishes at least 6 times in his career.)
  • A second publication

    He said he re-published Leaves of Grass because it was "a new and much better edition of Leaves of Grass coplete- That unkillable work!" He had written more poems and wished for them to be added to the collection.
  • The Deathbed edition

    This edition is called the deathbed edition it is the last update he made to Leaves of Grass. He updated it because he wanted the collection to reflect his life and all the moods he went through being a poet. He felt that he would acheive this by updating it one last time.