Robby Health Timeline

  • Robby was Born

  • Robbys Great Grand father Died

    Robby felt sick,negative. He began too accept the loss after a month.
  • Home sick with the flu

    Robby is home sick with the flu, he combines dayquel, with good sleep, and eating things that are easy to eat. Next year i will wash my hands better,use my home batrhoom rather then public ones, and get hand sanitizer.
  • Lack of sleep due to Xbox

    There going to take the xbox out of there room.
  • Robby makes a health Goal

    Robby will cut back on snacks and take a run for 30 minutes a day.
  • Puberty begins

    Physical changes are that his shoulders broaden and his voice deepens.The Mental changes arent noticable at first.
  • Robby pledges to stay abstinent

    My parents said to use refusal skills,try no to participate in risk behaviors, and to be responsible.
  • My friend begins drinking on the weekends

    Im concerned about if he gets arrested, if his parents find out, if he starts fights, and if he comes to school drunk.
  • Robby Learns that his family has a high risk of heart attacks

    He decides to cut back on junk food and he goes for a half hour walk once a day.
  • Robbys Dog dies of Exposure.

    Robby was crying for weeks.
    He coped by thinking positvely and not griefing, but celebrating.
  • My dad starts smoking again

    Robby is worried that his dad will get cancer,coughing up blood, or Leukoplakia
  • Robby takes keys away from his friend before they drive home from a party

    Robby tells him that drinking causes violence and that you can get a DUI and that leads to Jail Time