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Road to Hollywood

  • Inspiration began

    Inspiration began
    After watching Paranormal Activity, writer, directer and producer Jarrod Knowles decided he needed to make a horror film. Inspired by what he considered a "wack plot" he began to write his script.
  • First Draft Completed

    First Draft Completed
    Determined to prove a point, the first draft of his script was completed days after he began writing it.
  • Actors Casted

    Actors Casted
    After a long break of not moving forward with his film, Knowles finally casted his movie ready for filming.
  • First Take of Movie

    First Take of Movie
    Actual production of the movie begins with its first take. This was also the day Knowles encountered some professionals that were willing to help improve his low budget film.
  • Second Draft Completed

    Second Draft Completed
    While filming, additional scenes and lines added to the script.
  • First Segment Recording Finished

    First Segment Recording Finished
    The first segment of the movie was completely shot and finished.
  • Second Segment & Additional Scenes Finished

    Second Segment & Additional Scenes Finished
    Second segment of the movie completely film. Additonal scenes were shot and added.
  • Preliminary Cutting & Editing Begins

    Preliminary Cutting & Editing Begins
    Beginning stages of fine tuning the movie beings through cutting and editing.
  • First Draft Movie Complete

    First Draft Movie Complete
    With a premier for FIU students on the way, the first draft of the movie was completed enough to be viewed.
  • "What Lies Beyond" Premier

    "What Lies Beyond" Premier
    The premier of original feature film "What Lies Beyond" took place at Florida International University MMC @ 10:00 p.m.
    About 188 people were in attendance.
  • Automated Dialog Replacement Begins

    Automated Dialog Replacement Begins
    In order to improve sound quality, ADR was done for the next several weeks to prepare for second showing of film.
  • ADR Finished

    ADR Finished
    ADR was completed ready for next showing.
  • Second Showing of Film

    Second Showing of Film
    Second showing at FIU. This time for free with donations accepted. Because of a more convenient time and better publicity, nearly 300 people were in attendance ( 293).