River Song Timeline

  • 102


    River leaves the Doctor a message.
  • Berlin

    River, known as 'Melody' became best friends with Amy and Rory, awaiting the arrival of The Doctor. However, when the Doctor turns up she is whisked away to Berlin, 1939. She later regnerates into River Song...
  • Orphanage

    River was kidnapped by Kovarian and taken to an Orphanage on Earth in 1963.
  • Alternative 2011

    Alternative 2011
    River and The Doctor get married
  • River tells her mother the truth

    River tells her mother the truth
    River arrives to present day where she informs Amy that the Doctor is alive.
  • Alfava Metraxis

    Alfava Metraxis
    River faces the terrfying Angels alongside the Doctor and Amy, who both don't know who River actually is...
  • Demons Run

    Demons Run
    Amy Pond gives birth to River.
  • River's Death

    River's Death
    River dies saving the Doctor and Donna's life. The Tenth Doctor has no idea who she really is.