Rise of Totatlitarianism

  • Period: to

    Rise of Totalitarianism

  • 1917 Bolshevik Takeover

    Overthrow of government gave power to soviets
  • 1919 Mussolini Creates Facist Party

    Mussolini didnt like the government so he made his own and spread it throughout Italy
  • 1920 Hitler Joins NSDAP

    Now called NAZI Hitler goes to the NSDAP parties and like what they have to say about being superior and joins them
  • 1922 March on Rome

    Mussolini marches into Rome with many follwers governmnt give up power willingly without violents
  • Russian Civil War

    War between old russian empire and bolshevic party. Bolshevics win keep controll
  • 1923 Beer Hall Putsch

    Hitler tried to take over government by holding politics hostage in a beer hall it was a failed attempt and Hitler was arrested
  • NEP

    New econiomic policy called state capitalism created by Lennin to help Russian economy let people own their own biz and gov ran banks
  • Collectivization of Agriculture

    tried to help agriculture but did more harm causing many people to starve and die
  • Lenin dies

    He was a dictator but many people still showed up to his funeral showing his popularity
  • Great Purges

    Stalin became leader and was nervous of being overthrown so anyone who he claimed guilty was killed
  • Writing of Mein Kampf

    Hitler wrote this book while in prison about his struggles and ideas it became very popular in the outside world and gave him great popularity as well
  • NAZI Soviet Non- Agression Pact

    Germany and Russia would not interfere in eachothers events/conflicts
  • Invasion of Manchuria

    Japan invades Manchuria and occupies land throughout WWII
  • Invasion of Manchuria

    Japan invades Manchuria and keeps controll of land throughtou WWII
  • NAZI Wins Majority

    NAZI party wins 38% of votes and giving them more power in the government
  • Hitler to Chancellor

    Reichstag is burned down so Hitler takes full power of Germany to stop communism
  • Invasion of Ethiopia

    To prove Italy was still powerful Musolini invaded Ethiopia and crushed them
  • Remilitarization

    Hitler remilitarized which was going against treaty of versailles and multiplied military 7x from '33
  • Anchluss

    Germany annexed Austria and made it part of Germany
  • Munich Conference

    an act of appesement they let Germany controll CZECHs and Sudetenland in hope of stoping a future takeover
  • Hitler Takes Sudetanlands

    Germany took over the Sudetanlands and convicted Jews
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Japanese capture city of Nanjing and staged a genocide by killing and rapeing people who lived there
  • Signing of Berlin, Rome and Tokyo Axis

    All 3 countries decide to join Axis powers and assist US Britain and French