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Rise of Totalitarianism 1920's &30's

By sBou
  • Russian Civil War Begins

    Russian Civil War Begins
    This war consisted of two opponents: the Bolshevik Red Army and the White Army. The red army was poor and the white army was rich. Many people were against the Bolshevik's.
  • Creation of Fascist Party

    Creation of Fascist Party
    Italian political party created by Mussolini, it focused on strict nationalism and was Mussolini's way into the creation of a dictatorship.
  • Hitler Joins NSDAP

    Hitler Joins NSDAP
    Hitler joined the Nazi Party which was called"The German Workers Party" before he joined. Almost immedietley after he joined he became leader.
  • NEP

    Economic policy that Lenin had started. NEP was in favor of state capitalism.The state has full control over the distribution of benefits and the benefits are to only a specific group of people. It replaced many communinst ideas and had a huge impact on the civil war.
  • March On Rome

    March On Rome
    March where Mussolin's fascist party came to power in the Kingdom of Italy.
  • Beer Hall "Putsch"

    Beer Hall "Putsch"
    Very poor attempt at revolution; the Nazi Party tried to seize power and gain control in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Lenin's Death

    Lenin's Death
    Lennin had multiple strokes that paralyzed him, and over time, killed him. He died in 1924, and after a few disputes instantly after his death Stalin became the new leader of Russia.
  • Writes Mein Kampf

    Writes Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf,which means "My Struggle" is Book written by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler pretaining to Hitler's political ideology and details about his own personal life.
  • Collectivization of Agriculture

    Collectivization of Agriculture
    Policy enforced by stalin in the Soviet Union that would build up individual individual land and labour into more sufficent collective farms
  • Creation of 5 Year Plans

    Creation of 5 Year Plans
    5 year plan created by Stali would improve the Soviet Union's economic system. Stalin planned to do this by focusing on industrializing the the USSR in a small time span, and in the process making the national militarily and he USSR more self-sufficient.
  • Invasion of Manchuria

    Invasion of Manchuria
    Invaded by the Kwantung Army of the Empire of Japan. Manchukuo, was a state that the Japanese established. Their occupation lasted up until the end of World War II.
  • Nazi Wins Majority in Election

    Nazi Wins Majority in Election
    The Nazi's win over all the other parties .
  • Invasion of Eithopia

    Invasion of Eithopia
    Mussolini wanted to annex Ethiopia into Italy’s new colony of East Africa. This was a sucess.
  • Re-Militarizes Rhineland

    Re-Militarizes Rhineland
    German military forces entered the Rhinelan, which violated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Creation of Berlin- Rome- Tokyo Axis

    Creation of Berlin- Rome- Tokyo Axis
    Axis formed by Italy, Japan, and Germany. This axis would fight against soviet communism and all agreed to not interfer with eachothers plans for expanding their countries. a
  • "Great Purges"

    "Great Purges"
    Arrangment of campagins of political supression and torture that took place in the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin. Over one million people were executed and many people were arrested. Stalin's main goal was to remove anyone opposing on his rule of the Soviet Union.
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Rape of Nanjing
    Also refered to as The Rape of Nanking, Rape of Nanjing is a mass murder and war rape that occurred during the period following the Japanese capture of the city of Nanjing
  • Anschluss

    The Annexation of Austria into Nazi Germany
  • Capture of Sudentenland

    Capture of Sudentenland
    Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia's northern and western border regions
  • Munch Conference

    Munch Conference
    Conference held in Munich, Germany, that permitted Nazi German annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland.
  • Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact

    Nazi-Soviet Non-Agression Pact
    Pact that states that the Soviet Union and Germany would remain in peace. However, if there werre any problems between the two opposing countries they would handle it unviolently.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    Hitler Becomes Chancellor
    Hitler rises to power and becomes chancellor and continues to keep rising by any means possible, as the man who would put Germany back on top.
  • Bolshevik Takeover

    Bolshevik Takeover
    Bolshevik's were a communist government that toke over another government that was in power during the Russian Revolution