Riley's atomic timeline

By m1j5
  • John Dalton is born

  • Dalton's first seperate publication

  • Dalton was elected a member of manchester literary

  • Daltons year of discovery

    Datlon was credited with the discovery of the atom. He was also the first person to describe the atom. most people hadn't even pondered the thought becuase aristotle didn't believe in atoms becuase he didn't believe in empty space
  • Dmitri Mendeleev born

  • John Dalton dies

  • JJ Thompson is born

  • Mendeleev becomes a professer at st. petersbug tech institute

  • Mendeleev's year of discovery

    Mendeleev's year of discovery
    Dmitri Mendeleev started to shape the periodic table to what it is today, he classified each element depending on it's phisycal and chemical properties.
  • Ernest Rutherford is born

  • yellowstone is founded as the first national park

  • Neils Bohr is born

  • James Chadwick is born

  • JJ recieves the royal medal

  • JJ Thompson's year of discovery

     JJ Thompson's year of discovery
    JJ Thompson is credited with the discovery of the electron. an electron is a negativly charged subatomic particle. He also created a new diagram of the atom called the plum pudding model and introduced isotopes. he also discovered and explained cathode rays.
  • Bohr enrolls as an undergraduate at Copenhagen University

  • JJ showed that hydrogen has only 1 electron per atom

  • Dmitri Mendeleev dies

  • year of Rutherfords discovery

    year of Rutherfords discovery
    Rutherford introduced the idea of the electrons being OUTSIDE of the atom. he did this with his famous gold foil experiment where he sent alpha particles through a gold sheet. he also discovered that most of the atomic mass is in the nucleus of the atom.
  • year of Bohr's discovery

    year of Bohr's discovery
    Bohr introduced the idea of orbitals around the oustside of the atom. he said each orbital could have a total of 2 electrons. he also discovered that the nucleus of an atom is positivly charged.
  • Rutherford is knighted

  • Rutherford is awarded the hector memorial medal

  • Bohr is awarded the noble peace prize in physics

  • chadwicks year of discovery

    chadwicks year of discovery
    Chadwick discovered the planetary model and he discovered the nuetron. The nuetron is a subatomic that has to charge. it also makes us able to create elements that way more then uranuim.
  • chadwick gets the nobel peace prize for physics

  • Ernest Rutherford dies

  • JJ Thompson dies

  • Chadwick is knighted

  • Niels Bohr dies

  • James Chadwick dies