Rights ad Freedom

  • NY stock markets collapse

    New York stock markets collapsed and millions of employees lost their jobs. Japan needed stock marketers and also a new source of raw income, so they invade China. Leaders of other countries soon turned to war as well.
  • Abyssinia is invaded

    Italy successfully invades Libya, Abyssinia and Germany expand their political borders.
  • Poland is invaded

    Germany and Russia form a pact to invade Poland. Australia marches alongside Britain as they declare war. Australia is involved in another war on land, sea and air.
  • Japan enters the War

    Land in the Pacific is being captured by Japan as they enter the war. They attack Australia bombing Darwin twice and the US base in Pearl Harbour. Germany gains control over majority of Europe while hundreds of allied forces are forced flee from the coast of France.
  • Italy surrenders

    The fighting continues but eventually Italy surrenders. British aircraft destroy German cities and industries in a air raid
  • Berlin is claimed

    Finally in April 1945 the Allied Forces succeed in taking Berlin and Japan surrenders. Australia celebrated the end of WW2 in hopes of liberation.
  • Nuclear bombs from Britain/Communism

    Britain government explode nuclear bombs on Australian soil. The US and the soviet union dominated world affairs a.k.a the cold war. There was a genuine fear of communism in Australia and troupes were sent as the chief ally for the US war against communism.
  • Nuclear War

    US challenges Russia to over it's arming of Cuba with nuclear missiles. This makes the world insanely close to an all out nuclear war. The Russians backed down before it could turn into a nuclear war. Australia found itself involved in the Vietnam war. This was a war against communism. America dropped bombs on Vietnam in a hope to end the war. The country turned against it's involvement in Vietnam because they were losing too many people.
  • AUS. Labor party

    The Australian Labor Party won power and the ties with the US are strengthened. They fought for land, civil, women and gay rights.