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Rifka's Travels

  • Russia

    Rifka is in Russia, trying to get to Poland.She is distracting Russian officers to have enough time for the train to Poland to leave. She has to stall them because her family is hiding in the box cars.
  • Poland

    This is Rifkas's 1st day in Poland. Her family is forced to take off their clothes and let a doctor examine them. Rifka is embarrassed by this but her mother lets her know she has to go on with it.
  • Motsiv,Poland

    It turns out, that the doctor that examined Rifka, had an illness called Typhus. He gave it to Rifka, and she was very ill. SHe was being taken care by her family, so they can prepare to go to America, but her family got it too.
  • Small changes in Poland

    Saul was the only one without Typhus, so he took care of Rifka while the rest of the family was in the hospital. He realises they can't stay in their father's cousins shed, when their father's cousin keeps giving what they can't spare. He takes Rifka to an inn, and gets a small job. Rifka is not well now, and having a pretty good relationship with Saul while they're there.
  • Route to Warshaw

    Rifka is about to leave with her family to America. She is on the train and wants to be entertained. She meets a girl on the train who seems friendly.As Rifka gets closershe notices that the girl looks very unhygenic.Rifka fixes her hair and notices she has splotches on her scalp and missing teeth, and other problems.
  • Warsaw, Poland

    Now in Warhaw, the Nebrots have to go through examinations. RIfka's mother passes it first, then Rifka takes the examination. She is sure that she will pass, until the doctor says she has caught a disease called Ringnworm. Rifka then remembers of the girl in the train, whom she caught Ringworm from. Now Rifka cannot enter America.
  • A little hope in Warsaw

    Rifkas family are leaving to America, and RIfka has to stay in Poland. Since there is a way to get red of ringworm, Rifka will still be albe to rejoin her family. The solution is to be treated by Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society oka HIAS. A member of HIAS has explained that Rifka must join a family to take care of her while she gets frequent treatment. She also explains that her mother needs to make money for the family in America, so she can't stay with Rifka.
  • Antwerp , Belgium

    Rifka is in her host family's house , which is very luxurious looking, according to her. The people are nice, and Rifka makes sure she attends her treatments. A catholic nun, joins Rifka everytime she goes to her treatment, and helps her to be able to get rid of the skin disease. Even though she is very sweet, Rifka still waits for the time she will rejoin her family.
  • Memories of the family

    Walking from her treatment, Rika tries to take a stroll in town, like the Sister(the one who aids her) tells her to. She sees a man with gold teeth and gets lost while running. She then sees a milkman that reminds her of her Uncle Zeb. She speaks to him as he takes her back to her destination. He doesen't understand her, but Rifka tells him of how much he reminds her of her uncle. When he drops her off, she gives him a goodbye ment for him and her dead uncle.
  • Going to America!

    Rifka is about to leave to America to live there with her family. She is very excited about it. She is also saying goodbye to everyone that has put an impact on her in Belgium, including the nun. She gave her flowers as a present and is about to ride a small ship to America.
  • The ship

    Rifka is on the small ship, and didn't expect to see such beauty. Her room is very eye catchingm, and so is the whole ship. She doesn't have to ride in steerage, which is the reason she is riding the small ship. She meets a sailor named Pieter and has feelings for him. She likes being in his embrace.
  • The Atlantic Ocean

    Rifka never suspected this. The ship is going through a tough storm and she feels sick. Peoples bodies are being thrown by the waves and chaos is around them. Pieter saved Rifka from going overboard, and puts her in the steerage for safety. Once the conditions are ok, Rifka looks at the damadges and sees a man on the deck, laying. She asks a sailor for Pieter, and he says that he is the only one that died. Rifka cries for this moment and for everything that has happened before.
  • Entering the New York Harbor

    Rifka is on the ship , on her way to Ellis Island. She knows a litte of what to expect because of her parents letter While on the ship, she has been doing tasks that Pieter would ussually do. Suddenly, Rifka hears a cry of passengers as they see the statue of liberty. This is when Rifka sees the oppurtinity of America.
  • Ellis Island

    Rifka is being detained in Ellis island so she can get to America. The people check her statistics like health and literacy. The doctors check her scalp and decide she will be unable to enter America. Rifka learns that the reason is that they are afraied of taking care of her is she is unmarried.
  • The wards

    Rifka has been in the ward for a few days and she has aquired some fame on the way. She has been helping a baby that lost its mother, She has also met a russian peasant that wants to go back to Russia. Rifka knows that her family will hate the fact that she is helping a Russian peasant, but Rifka realises he is just a little boy.
  • Rifka sees a familiar face

    Saul was trying to find Rifka, when she was right in front of her. He didn't recognize her. She called him and he told her he couldn't find her. Then they talked about the family. The Russian boy came with RIfkas pushkin and Saul looked at him with anger, because of who he is. He leaves with the thought of Rifka being different than she was before.
  • A mother's warmth

    Rifka's mother comes to the ward and they reconnect. They talk about Rifka's condition with her hair. Rifka is very happy to see her, but they need a plan to gert Rifka to her family.
  • Trouble

    Ilya, the Russian peasant has gotten into trouble and dragged Rifka on the way. They were walking through the unkown part of the hospital and heard machines. They followed it. It was the sound of men workmen, one of them yelled at Rifka alone, because Illya was no where to be seen. Rifka ran and tried to find him, following his cries. She found him unrolling toilet paper which would have sentenced them a penalty in Russia. Now Rifka ran and found Nurse Bowen.Rifka learned America is different.
  • Death is the gift

    Rifka found the baby she has been taking care of dead. The baby died from the typhus. Rifka loved her. Worst of all, Rifka's head has been itching lowering her chances to see her family. What has changed for the good is Rifka has opened her eyes, to venture the world, and she doesn't want to go back to Berdichev.
  • The trials

    Rifka and Illya are going to be decided if they will go to America.Both their families there, they have to show that they are not Simpeltons and able to live a good life. Illya speaks to the people for the first time, and Rifka tells the people that she does not need hair in order to marry in english.She then recited her poems and got accepted. Everyone celebrated and Rifka's kercief fell off, revealing hair. The families rejoin and now the new adventure begins, in America.