Richard Stallman

  • Computer Manuals

    Stallman reads his first computer manuals for the IBM 7094 when he was at summer camp.
  • Stallman begins at MIT

    Stallman started programming in the MIT artificial intelligence lab after his freshman year of college.
  • Stallman hacks MIT's passoword system

    When MIT installed a password control system on the lab computers, Stallman hacked into the system and decryted all of the users passwords. He then emailed every user their password and urged them to return to the old method of anonymous logins.
  • Stallman maintains Symbolics clone

    Due to proprietary software becoming popular in the MIT lab, Stallman decided to halt the growth of these systems by cloning and released a free version of the Symbolics software.
  • Stallman announces GNU

    Stallman announces development of a free operating system, called GNU's Not Unix (GNU).
  • Stallman quits MIT

    Stallman leaves the MIT lab to work full time on GNU.
  • GNU manifesto

    The GNU manifesto was published, which outlines the motives and goals for the free operating system.
  • Free Software Foundation

    Stallman officially founds the FSF, a non profit organization created to support the free software movement.
  • General Public License

    First independent GNU General Public License is released.