Rev. War Timeline - By C.E.

By C-Curt
  • Period: to

    "That's enough."

    Show's on the road.
  • The Shot Heard 'Round the World

    The Shot Heard 'Round the World
    I heard it. As far as anyone is concerned, nobody knows who shot that bullet.
  • Battles At Lexington/Concord

    Battles At Lexington/Concord
    No, not concord grapes. This was the first real battle. The English won, by the way.
  • The (2nd) Continental Congress

    No, not the first. But anyways, some consulting was done at this point. Philidalphia was getting it's war talk on.
  • Battle at Bunker Hill

    Battle at Bunker Hill
    The Americans threw 2 strikes in a row, but then lost the baseball. British won again.
  • "Common Sense"

    "Common Sense"
    A document written by Thomas Paine. It basically made the British look like a bunch of idiots trying to put the Americans on puppet strings. It helped persuade people to fight for America.
  • Batle of Three Rivers (Possibly not called that)

    The colonists charge into an embarassing slip-up. No picture here, sorry.
  • Decleration of Independance

    Decleration of Independance
    This was when a paper was signed trying to persuade the king to let the colonists go. In commemeration, we all go to Lake Tahoe and watch fireworks drunk.
  • Cherokee Ambush

    Cherokees ambush the colonists. They escaped from the skin of their rotten dirty teeth,
  • Battle of Long Island

    Battle of Long Island
    General Wahington threw his eggs to the English. Alot of them broke. So the army couldn't take it.
  • The Battle of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton
    Oh, the colonists actually won a battle. I wouldn't get my popcorn yet, but the whole Delaware River crossing and the Hessian annialation isn't propaganda.
  • The "Battle" of Bradywine

    The "Battle" of Bradywine
    It was a Battle of Brasywine pretty much. Americans had no chance in this one. So they tried again. And...
  • The Battle of The Clouds

    The Battle of The Clouds
    ...The rematch resulted in a rain-out, and the war was called off. The guns don't fire in rain, so literally they were just standing around for an hour.
  • Battle of Germantown

    Battle of Germantown
    This one went terrible too. At first, the Americans were dominating, but a heavy fog blocked them and somehow not the British.
  • Winter Break

    The American army decided to call it quits for a bit to rest at Valley Forge even though they have had trouble there before.
  • Treaty of Alliance

    Treaty of Alliance
    The French decided that America had been figthing hard enough, so they made a treaty and teamed up.
  • Battle of Barren Hill

    Battle of Barren Hill
    A test of the new guns, Washington and his army are finally "breakn' a sweat." (you wont get the reference)
  • Georgia Occupation

    A town in the Georgia colony, the redcoat snatch the town and use it for redcoat stuff.
  • Port Royal Isle Domination

    Coming off the sleeping year of 1778, the patriots charge into South Carolina and show the redcoats whos boss. With ease. (By the way, do not call this the battle of port royal island. There's another battle with that title a century later, hence why I was mad at google images.)
  • Spanish Siding

    The Spanish declare war on the English and side with the French/Americans.
  • "Fire Can Be Red"

    "Fire Can Be Red"
    The British begin to burn two cities in the Connecticut colony. (Fairfield and Norwalk) It seemed to be an ugly burning. Apparently, when you play with fire, you might get burned. Or, you burn down entire towns.
  • "Give It Back!"

    The Colonists attempted to take back the town of Savanna. It failed. Really bad.
  • Battle of Waxhaw Creek

    Battle of Waxhaw Creek
    After yet another breather period, the patriots go straight back in and route the redcoats in Waxhaw Creek.
  • Article of Confederations

    Article of Confederations
    The mgmt knows that this was written in 1777, but on this particuar day, it was finally adopted.

    The Lord of England, Lord North, resigns from England. This is probably because everybody is bored losing to a bunch of dirty minorities.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    Finally... It's over... Gahhh... England finally admitted defeat. After all, it wasn't the colonists against the British. It was the British against half the world.