Remote Control Submarine History

Timeline created by Shawn Wascher
  • Early Demonstration

    Early Demonstration
    Nikola Tesla demonstrates a remote controlled boat.
  • Vacuum Tubes

    Vacuum Tubes
    Brothers Bill and Walt Good develop vacuum tube controls for remote control hobbies.
  • Better Technology

    Better Technology
    Transistors replace vacuum tubes to provide digital control.
  • Lower Cost

    Lower Cost
    The 1970's had low cost, multi-function, reliable radio control equipment. Integrated circuits made the controls smaller and cheaper.
  • Even Better technology

    Even Better technology
    Water Tight Cylinders were developed and marketed where a model sub's "dive and drive" systems could be moved from model to model and you no longer had to remove dozens of nuts that fastened down the hatches of older "bulkhead" style subs to work on the running gear.
  • 21st Century Technology

    21st Century Technology
    Most remote controls now use 2.4 Gigahertz (GHz) signals, but it doesn't travel well through water. So even though technology advanced, the older signals around 27 megahertz (MHz) travel better through water.