red river resistance and northwest rebellion

  • rupets land

    Running out of farmland so the Metis joined Canada
  • Armed metis stop surveyors

    Metis felt unceartin about the future because Canada clained to own Rupert's land
  • Period: to

    time span

  • Thomas Scott is killed

    Thomas is killed by a fiering squad for insulting reils and his gaurds
    this increased tension between the english and the metis and made the people in ontario mad
  • Creation of the Manitoba act

    The prime minister recognized the provisionalgovernment as legal
  • A group of Metis travel to the States to bring Riel back to Canada

    Riel is banished from Canada for five years.
    Sent 15 petitions to Ottowa to address their concerns
  • The Metis defeat police at Duck Lake

    Cree joined the Metis
    Led by Gabriel Dumont
  • Metis and Cree people surrender

    35 first nations and Metis killed compared to 43 Ontario soldiers killed and 118 wounded
  • Period: to

    time span