Red River Resistance

By MTJ2012
  • Rupert's Land is purchassed by Canada

    Canada purchassed the territory from the HBC $1.5 millions
  • Armed Metis stop surveyors

    sent for a Metis named Louis Riel and Riel stopped the surveyors in their tracks and told them to levave Red River immedintely
  • Thomas Scott is killed

    Got shot by a firing squad after being found guilty by the for threating Riel
  • Creation of the Manitoba Act

    13 oth French English would be used in the government and courts. The province would be able to send four elected members to the house
  • a Group of Metis travel to the States to bring Riel back to Canada

    Riel fled initially because he didn't want to be executed for his crimes. The Metis brought him back because they were dissatisfied and wanted their leader back
  • The Metis defeat police at Duck Lake

    The police were unprepared and there weren't many of them
  • Metis and Cree people surrender

    They ran out of ammunition and resources.