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In History
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    This legally freed slaves and reintegrated African Americans back into the country.
  • Ten percent plan

    The Ten percent plan which allowed southern states to re-enter the union if 10 percent of voters from(the election of 1860) swear allegiance to the union. This allowed rebel states to reintegrate into the union
  • 13th Amendment

    This abolished slavery throughout the union following the emancipation proclamation. This was approved by congress and added to the constitution.
  • Freedman Bureau

    Although it did not last long it allowed African Americans to transition into society. it provided slaves with housing,labor contracts and more.
  • Civil rights Acts of 1866

    Protected citizenship of African Americans and gave them equal rights under the law
  • 14th Amendment

    This stated that all people born in the U.S are U.S citizen and are equally protected by law and state. This was put in place to ensure the 13th amendment .