reconstruction and race timeline braeden drescher

  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    The Radical Repiblicans pushed the law through congressas a combat to black codes. The law gave more power twards the Federal Government to get involved in state affairs and to protect African Americans. The president was going to veto anylaw that was passed in congress whithout southern states.
  • Black Codes

    Black Codes
    The Black Codes is what the African Americans had to live by. It wasnt a great way to live at all but it was still better the slavery. Congress tried to protect the rights of African Americans so hey passed a bill that gave Freedmen's Bureau more powers. The Radical Republicans passes a law to give federal government the power to help African Americans. Congress and johnson couldnt agree on how to reconstruct the African American life style and gave up hope.
  • Reconstruction acts 1 and 2

    Reconstruction acts 1 and 2
    10 former cofederate statses had not joined the union yet. This law requiered those states to form new governments. Only tennesse joined the union and kept its government. The act divided the disticts into 5 army districts. The second act had each district vote and help organize state constitutional conventions. Many white southerners refused to join. thousands of african americans casted 1870 only 3 states where left to join the union.
  • 15th emendment

    15th emendment
    Most southern states had joined by the time of the 1868 election came around. The republican party rejected johnson and had civil war hero usysses grant join. Most african american supporters voted for grant and hat won him the election. when they ratifyed the 15th admendment most white people thought there jobs weree gone. the 15th admedment was to give africans the right to vote. They thought it would give them the power to pick who is going to give them more protection.
  • 14th edemdment

    14th edemdment
    Congress worried that the civil rights act would get overturned. the 14th edmendment stated that states could not do anything to harm black people. If they did they would lose a representitive. Some people thought this was a longshot. This was also made so the southern states would think abou joining the union.