By scheann
  • Second Emancipation Proclimation Issued

  • Period: to

    1865-1877 Reconstruction Era

    Time period from end of civil war until the end of the United States Government Reconstruction.
  • Lincoln Proposes 10% Reconstruction Plan

    10% Reconstruction Plan = Plan that said Southern states could rejoin the Union when 10% of a states voters took an allegiance oath to the United States.
  • Pres. Lincoln Vetos Wade-Davis Bill

    Wade-Davis Bill = Bill that said 50% of a states population must take the oath rather than just 10%.
  • Freedmen's Bureau Established

    Created to assist newly freed slaves with food and supplies.
  • End of Civil War

  • Lincoln Assasination

  • Andrew Johnson Inaugurated

  • Pres. Johnson Proposes Different Reconstruction Plan

  • Black Codes Established

  • 13th Amendment Ratified

    13th Amendment = Prohibition of Slavery in the United States
  • Ku Klux Klan Formed

  • Civil Rights Law Established

  • Tennesee Readmitted

  • Reconstruction Act Passed

  • Pres. Andrew Johnson Impeached

    Though put through impeachment process, Johnson fell one vote short of actual impeachment.
  • 14th Amendment Ratified

    14th Amendment = Citizenship to all Black Americans
  • 15th Amendment Ratified

    15th Amendment = Guarenteed right to vote regardless of race or religion.
  • Freedman's Bureau Abolished

  • Ulysses S. Grant Inaugurated

  • End of Reconstruction Era