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Real Time Line for Inflation in Italy

  • War ends when Treaty of Versailles is Signed

    War ends when Treaty of Versailles is Signed
    After all of the battles of World War I are over a peace treaty is signed in Versailles France (near Paris). The Treaty states that the war is over (and other event not relevant to the topic) the Allied powers told Italy that after the war they would have more land but unfortunately they didn't get much land. All of the countries try to go back to the way that things were before the war. But a lot of the countries had economic trouble after the war, one of those was Italy.
  • Inflation in Italy begins

    Inflation in Italy begins
    Like many other European countries after World War I, Italy experienced inflation in their economy (Inflation is when there's so much money it isn't worth anything any longer) The Inflation would cause people to grow more and more upset over time
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    Real Time line of Inflation in Italy

    The events that happen because of Inflation in Italy
  • Strikes in the early 1920's

    Strikes in the early 1920's
    Throughout all of the early 1920's the citizens of Italy became more and more upset with economy and began to stage strikes on agriculture and industry the people were also upset with the lack of land Italy was able to get after the Treaty. These strikes started to divide the country. The Socialist of Italy began to speak of revolution, as the new fear of communist rule spread more and more middle class people were in need of a ruler who would be able to protect them from the idea of communism.
  • The Squadristi

    The Squadristi
    Throughout 1920 and 1921 a group called the Squadristi or "the Black Shirts" were used to help Benito Mussolini take power. The Squadristi attacked newspaper and Socialist offices striking fear into the Socialist in hopes to prevent their revolution. The Squadristi also attacked strikes to break them up. The middle began to like Mussolini and support him in his movements. Soon Mussolini had the support of Land owners and middle class citizens.
  • Benito Mussolini takes power

    Benito Mussolini takes power
    On October 31 Benito Mussolini with the power he had gained from his supports demanded that he took leadership of Italy. He told the people. "Either we are allowed to govern, or we will seize power." The king of Italy then gave Mussolini the title of Prime Minister. With the new power he formed the first Fascist Dictatorship.
  • OVRA 1926-1939

    OVRA 1926-1939
    The OVRA was a Militia that Mussolini used to control all media and to carry out his will. The OVRA acted much like the Nazis' SS. With the help of the OVRA he took the title "Il Duce" which means The Leader. Mussolini had taken total control of Italy and now was on his way to conquer other countries and become a collaborator to Adolf Hitler they both merge forces with them both being fascist dictators they would become extremely powerful.
  • Period: to

    OVRA control the people's every action

  • Italy Invades Ethiopia 1935-1936

    Italy Invades Ethiopia 1935-1936
    Italy attacked Ethiopia all of the Ally powers did not want war in Europe so they hoped by just letting Italy and Germany have some areas of land that they would just become content with their land area, but they don't, Italy conquers Ethiopia and other North Africa countries. When Italy joins forces with Hitler creating the Axis Powers the Africa territory become part of Hitler’s empire.
  • Mussolini Joins Hitler: The Rome-Berlin Axis

    Mussolini Joins Hitler: The Rome-Berlin Axis
    In November of 1936 Mussolini told the public of Italy and Germany's Alliance. The people were content with just being allies and not attacking eachother but when France was on the edge of defeat Mussolini sent troops into France. This event brought Italy into the war onto the Nazis side. The fighting force of Italy was not prepared for a war but Mussolini brought them into one. The people began to dislike Mussolini for his part of bringing them into a war they did not want to be in.
  • Germany Invades Poland starting WWII

    Germany Invades Poland starting WWII
    When Germany attacks Poland the Allied forces decide that Germany is not going to stop taking land in Europe (already conquering other countries) and eventually Germany will take over the world. With Italy having already agreeing not to attack Germany they have become associates in this event. The Allies declare war on Germany and World War II had begun.
  • Allies Attack Through the soft under belly of Europe

    Allies Attack Through the soft under belly of Europe
    The Allies had been looking for a place to attack Germany from, they saw that there weren't many troops in North Africa, and Italy would be easy to conquer with all both Germany and Italy’s forces spread over so much land, so that’s where they attacked. The attack through North Africa did take some time but in the end it did prove to be worthwhile. With the Allies movement through North Africa they would eventually make their way to Italy where they could attack Germany right at their home.
  • Mussolini is Killed

    Mussolini is Killed
    With the Allies on their way Italy took the capturing and killing of Benito Mussolini into their own hands. Mussolini had been trying to escape from the country before the Allies could get to him, but unfortunately for him; he was found and was killed by Italy's rebel forces. Now with Mussolini out of the way the Allies could now attack Germany at more than one front.