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Real Talk Calc BC

  • Practice Test

    Practice Test
    -Complete back of white sheet
    - Review Mean Value Therom
    - Start Yellow practice test
    *Need to review sumtions
  • Practice Test, No Calc

    Practice Test, No Calc
    -Created a math journal. Whenever I need to look something up for a problem, I write down the formula or process that I have forgotten. This way I will have a couple of pages of things I know I need to work on before the test.
    -Need to review sumations
    -New Modern Family!!!!!!!!
  • Practice Test, Calc

    Practice Test, Calc
    Added to journal paged
    -Taylor polynomial standard forn
    -memorize sinx, cosx, e^x, lnx
  • Review of Calc AB

    Review of Calc AB
    (absent today, did this work mostly over the weekend)
    -first deritvative, critical point, when f'(x)=0. relative extrema when f'(x) changes sign (can be max or min)
    -related rates
    -diffeq...seperate varibale then solve
    -second fundamental therom of calc
  • Population

    if forget on day of exam, remember, it can always be derived from dy/dt=ky(1-y/m)
    don;t forget about partial franctions when sloving

    Review of Integration:
    -parts LIPET: logs, inverse trig, polynomials, e, trig
    -don't need to know trig subadubdub
    -look for ways to simplify, especially if trig (i.e. identies)
  • Taylor Polynomials

    Taylor Polynomials
    an approximation of a function
    maclaurin, centered at 0
    if a knows series (sin cos e lnx) with small variation, just add variation to series, no need to go through entire process
    chain rule might be snuck in taylor problems...be aware
  • Polar

    arc length - sqrt of r^2 + (dr/dO)^2 from alpha to beta
    remember standard forms of most shapes
  • Study Sesh with Ellen @ Starbucks

    Study Sesh with Ellen @ Starbucks
    Worked on worksheets, key points:
    - don't forget to try nth term test first...can save lots of time
    - eulers method. if concave up, underestimate. concave down overestimate.
    - speed of a parametric sqroot of xvel^2 + yvel^2
    -second derivate on a parametric is [dy/dx]d/dx
  • Volume of Rotation

    Volume of Rotation
    Don;t forget to draw rep rectangle
    -washer_rep rect is perpencidular to axis of rotation
    -shell_rep rect is parallel to axis of rotation
    -cross sections- if semi circle, don't forget to divided diameter by 2 to get radius
  • Varsity Calc

    Varsity Calc
    -Hymans Helpful Hints