Reagan Timeline

By lgw0723
  • 52 Iranian Hostages Released

    52 Iranian Hostages Released
    After 444 days, 52 Americans were released from being held hostage in Iran. Iranian Students had seized the American embassy and took the Americans. Minutes after Reagan inauguration, the hostages were released.
  • Reagan inaugurated

    Reagan inaugurated
    On January 20th, 1981, Ronald Reagan was inaugurated into office as the 40th president of the United states.
  • Spending Speech

    Spending Speech
    In February 1981, Reagan gave a speech on the nations economy. He stated how it is in its worse shape since the great depression of 1929.
  • Reagan Shot

    Reagan Shot
    President Reagan was shot by a attempted assassin. He was shot in his chest, right by his heart. 3 of his body guards were also shot. Reagan survived.
  • Soviet grain embargo lifted

    Soviet grain embargo lifted
    The Soviet grain embargo was put into place by Jimmy Carter in 1980. He did this in response to the Soviet Unions invasion on Afghanistan in 79'. It remained in effect until April, 1981 when Reagan lifted it.
  • Reagan and air-traffic controllers strike

    Reagan and air-traffic controllers strike
    Reagans administration fired 11,345 workers for striking air control. The workers had ignored the the order and were banned from federal service for life.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor nominated to Supreme Court

    Sandra Day O'Connor nominated to Supreme Court
    One of Reagans promises was to appoint the first woman to the highest court. He did just that, by nominated Sandra Day O'Connor in 1981 as the first woman in the Supreme Court.
  • Military Buildup

    Military Buildup
    President Reagan asked permission from congress to approve the building of 100MX land-based missles and 100 B1 bombers to improve Americas nuclear forces.
  • Sanctions on Poland

    Sanctions on Poland
    Reagan said that if Poland does not cease then he would have ordered a series of of economic reprisals against Poland government.
  • Reagan Delivered His first state of the Union

    Reagan Delivered His first state of the Union
    One year after Reagan was inaugurated, he gave his first state of the union address, keeping the tradition going. Almost every president has given a State of the Union address
  • Reagan addresses Parliament in England

    Reagan addresses Parliament in England
    The first American president to meet and give a speech at both houses of the British Parliament.
  • Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act

    Tax Equity & Fiscal Responsibility Act
    TEFRA was created in 1982 in order to reduce tax gaps.
  • Strategic Defense Initiative

    Strategic Defense Initiative
    The SDI was a proposal to us strategic defense system against nuclear attacks.
  • Suicide bombers attack U.S. Marines in Lebanon (1983)

    Suicide bombers attack U.S. Marines in Lebanon (1983)
    These were terrorists attacks against the US and French armed forces in Beirut. This act of terrorism took 299 lives. This made the Lebanese Civil War get even worse.
  • Invasion of Grenada

    Invasion of Grenada
    On the early morning of October 25th, 1983, the US and 6 Caribbean nations invaded Grenada. This mission took $134.4 million. President Reagan sent troops in to protect the people there and protect the islands use from the Soviets.
  • Social security reform signed into law

    Social security reform signed into law
    The Social Security benefits reform act was signed into law in 1984. This made one-half of social security benefits potentially turn into taxable income.
  • Farm credit crises (Feb 1985)

    Farm credit crises (Feb 1985)
    Ever since the Great Depression, the farming industry has seriously struggled. When people have no money, they cannot buy the food that the farmers produce. This not only hurt farmers, but the economy as well.
  • Embargo on Nicaragua

    Embargo on Nicaragua
    The Embargo on Nicaragua was put into place by President Reagan, on May 1st 1985. This stopped all trade with Nicaragua.
  • U.S. illegally sells arms to Iran (Iran-Contra Affair)

    U.S. illegally sells arms to Iran (Iran-Contra Affair)
    This scandal, I would say, was a secret to the US. Its mission was to trade weapons to Americans that were being held hostage in Lebanon.
  • Reagan, Gorbachev hold summit in Switzerland

    Reagan, Gorbachev hold summit in Switzerland
    The Geneva Summit of 1985 was a part of the Cold-War era. This was the first time the two presidents met together to discuss international relation.
  • Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

    Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
    It was tragic when the space shuttle challenger exploded. A small inconvenience can have such a large impact. Not only was it tragic for the people and their families, but for NASA and the whole US as well. The Speech that Reagan gave was very moving and touched many people.
  • Sanctions on South Africa

    Sanctions on South Africa
    The Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 was enacted into law by congress. This law imposed sanctions against South Africa and pointed out 5 preconditions for lifting sanctions.
  • Reagan and Gorbachev meet in Iceland

    Reagan and Gorbachev meet in Iceland
    "The Reykjavik Summit" was a meeting held in Iceland by president Reagan and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  • Democrats gain seats (Nov 1986)

    Democrats gain seats (Nov 1986)
    The democrats won the pop vote in the House of Rep. This let them gain 5 seats. The Republican party picked up 8 seats.
  • Water Quality Control Act

    Water Quality Control Act
    This act helped tremendously with pollutants in water. This raised the standards on clean water and made sure all water was up to par when distributed.
  • Tower Commission concludes report (1987)

    Tower Commission concludes report (1987)
    The commissions report determined that the CIA Director should have taken over a operation that made the president aware of risks that was about to happen.
  • Berlin Wall Speech in West Berlin (1987)

    Berlin Wall Speech in West Berlin (1987)
    This Speech given by Reagan was such a heroic and moving speech. He was wishing to restore peace and end this war.
  • Gorbachev, Reagan sign treaty (1987)

    Gorbachev, Reagan sign treaty (1987)
    The treaty was signed by Reagan and Gorbachev on December 8th, 1987. This treaty ended the war and promised to keep and restore peace.
  • Reagan prohibits abortion assistance (1988)

    Reagan prohibits abortion assistance (1988)
    This act the Reagan was responsible for prohibited the help of federal money for abortions.
  • Reagan visits Soviet Union (1988)

    Reagan visits Soviet Union (1988)
    The Moscow Summit ends. This also meant that the Cold War had finally ended.
  • Reagan says farewell

    Reagan says farewell
    On January 11th, 1989,President Reagan said goodbye and gave the presidency to George W. H. Bush