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Audrina timeline

By 151750
  • Rap begins

    Rap begins
    DJ Kool Herc ( the one who discovered rap)would play funk records then one day he decided to change the portion of the song and make samples for other songs that is when rap started
  • First rappers

    The first rappers were a trio called the Surgarhill Gang. Their first song was called Rappers delight and it became the first single to become a top 40 hit on billboard hot 100; which gained them some popularity.
  • Tupac Shakur

    Tupac Shakur
    One of the biggest rappers in the 90’s Tupac Shakur started rapping with his first song “ Trapped”
  • Wu Tang Clan

    Wu Tang Clan
    A group called the Wu Tang Clan that started in 1993 made their biggest hit song “C.R.E.A.M.
  • Gangsters paradise

    Gangsters paradise
    Gangster’s paradise is a song that came from a film called Dangerous minds and won the the 1996 Grammy awards for best rap performance it was a hit when it came out
  • Deaths

    2pac Shakur dies from getting shot likely by a gang member who used a pistol provided by rival rapper the Notorious B.I.G
  • East coast and west coast

    East coast and west coast
    A rapper Notorious B.I.G was from the east coast and Tupac Shakur was west coast and after Tupac died from people from the east coast the west coast got mad and killed biggie smalls a.k.a notorious B.I.G so then biggie was dead
  • The hologram

    The hologram
    In 2012 at Coachella snoop did a colab song they did with a hologram of 2pac
  • Eminem

    Eminem is one of the fastest rappers in the world. He holds the Guinness world record for the most words people know that from the song he made rap god and Godzilla in rap god he went at a pace which 7 words per second in the song and the fastest verse had 9.6 syllables per second.