Rankine Powerhouse was completed

  • Rankine Powerhouse was completed.

    Rankine Powerhouse
  • Several homes were wired up for electricity - 200,000 hp.

    Niagara Falls Power Company
  • Pecentage of water to be used for hydrogeneration.

    American and Canadian Government
  • Hydro control dam was built.

    Dam Was Built
  • Power station collapses - New ones to be built.

    Joseph Schoelkopf's Power Station
    New York Power Authority build new power station
    Owned by New York Power State Company
  • Improvements made to power plant for maximum efficiency.

    Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant
  • Switch from 25 hertz power to 60 hertz power.

    Ontario Power Generation and Niagara Parks Commission
  • 460 million dollars project to upgrade.

    Lewiston Pump - Generating Plant