Ralph Lane Colony Timeline

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  • Oct 1, 1528

    Ralph Lane

    Ralph Lane
    Ralph Lane (ca. 1528-October 1603), a professional soldier, served as governor of the first colony attempted by the English in America The first colony was organized as a military venture from which the Spanish, colonial rival of the English, could be harassed and to serve as a base for the exploration of the new land. In the end, the first colony was abandoned and the survivors returned back to England.
  • May 12, 1554

    Sir Ralph Lane and Maud Parr

     Sir Ralph Lane and Maud Parr
    Sir Ralph Lane and Maud Parr Lane of Northampton, attended Oxford University in 1554 and served in the English Parliament in late 1550s and early 1560s. He evidently never married. By 1563 Lane was serving in Queen Elizabeth
  • Thomas harriot

    .The company was organized as a military expedition with soldiers and support personnel but also included artist John White and scientist Thomas Harriot. In April 1585, seven ships with about 600 men under the overall command of Sir Richard Grenville left England
  • The queen

    In 1585 the queen recalled Lane from Ireland and he was given command of the colony that Sir Walter Raleigh was organizing to sail to Virginia Roanoke Island.
  • Sir Francis Drake

    On June 18 or 19, 1586, a fleet led by Sir Francis Drake left Roanoke carrying the first English colonists back home.Lane was never involved in another colonization expedition but remained active in service to his county.
  • Lane

    Lane was back in Ireland in 1592 serving as “muster master general” and “clerk of the check of the garrison” and remained in that country for the rest of his life
  • Lane

    Lane died in Dublin, Ireland, in October 1603 and was buried at St. Patrick’s Church on the 28th of that month.