By Benny_P
  • Sydney Railway company starts building a new railway

    The first railway track in New South Wales between Sydney and Parramatta which measured a distance of 22km. The track opened on the 26th of September 1885.
  • first railway

    Asutralia's first railway line opened between Melbourne's Finders Street Station and Port Melbourne, in Victoria.
  • First Steam powered railway in South Australia

    The first steam powered railway in South Australia connected Adelaide to Port Adelaide
  • Tasmanian Railway

    A railway line stretching 72km long went from Launceston to Deloraine.
  • First Railway in Queensland

    The first railway in Queensland whick used the narrow 1067 millemetre gauge ran from Ipswich Inland to Grandchester. Later the system was extended to the Darling Downs before being connected with Brisbane.
  • Northern Territory railway

    A 253km railway between Darwin and Pine Creek became Operational.
  • A.C.T railway

    A 10km branch line between Queanbeyan,NSW and Canberra was opened.