• Jan 1, 1000

    Radon has been around for billions of years.

    Radon has been around for billions of years.
    Radon has been around for billions of years. It is inside earths crust because of the disinigration of radium which is decayed uranium.
  • Uranium was discovered

    Uranium was discovered
    Martin Klaproth discovered uranium.
  • Discovery of x-ray

    Discovery of x-ray
    W.C. Roentgen discovered the x-ray.
  • How the research began

    How the research began
    antoine-henri becquerel discovered the ore pitcheblende.
  • Radons discovered

    Radons discovered
    Radon was discovered by Marie and pierre curie inside the ore pitchblende.
  • Discovery of Radon

    Discovery of Radon
    Friedrich Ernst Dorn discovered Radon.
  • Uranium becomes big in U.S.

    Uranium becomes big in U.S.
    Uranium was mined from the late 1890 to 1910 for the sole purpose to extract Radium. Utah, [Colorao, New Mexico, Arizeona]
  • Radon Nobel Prize

    Radon Nobel Prize
    Marie Curie won the nobel prize in 1911 for researching isolating mettalic radium.
  • Uranium Beliefs.

    Uranium Beliefs.
    From 1912-1920 most of the mined Uranium was sent to pennsylvania because it was used at a Standard Chemical Company for Radium Production.
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    An American B-29 bomber dropped the worlds first atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
  • New goal for uranium.

    New goal for uranium.
    The new goal was to obtain Uranium-235 and plutonium.
  • nuclear weapons

    nuclear weapons
    The Climax Uranium company started to produce a high-grade uranium product to sell for nuclear weapons to be made.
  • Bulding radioactivity

    Bulding radioactivity
    In 1956 Hultqvist began researching radioactivity inside buldings. From the years 1930-1975 most swedan buldings and homes were built with aerated concrete which contained high amounts of radium-226.
  • Uranium mining

    Uranium mining
    Uranium mining greatly increased up until 1979 when it took a drastic fall from 9,076 to 448 in 1986.
  • All 50 states

    All 50 states
    By the year 1987 all 50 states were informed about radon. All states had some kind of state wide program to inform their people about radon.