Quebec's Language Bills

By am1667
  • Bill 69

    -Children learning english in Quebec would have to have a working knowledge of french.
    -Immigrants who come to Quebec also has to have a working knowledge of french
  • Bill 22

  • Bill 101

    -Bill introduced by Camille Laurin
    - French is the official language of Government, courts and large businesses in Quebec
  • Bill 86

    -English is allowed on outdoor commercial signs only if the english lettering was half the size of the french lettering
  • Bill 103

  • Bill 14

    -IIf a temporary resident you still must go to a french school
    -It extended Bill 101 to small businesses
    -If any city or town that is bilingual, english speaking population goes under 50% then it is declared a French city or town
    -Products have to be in french