Puerto Rico Language Policy Timeline

  • Dr. John Eaton

    He establishes that teachers of Puerto Rico should learn English.
  • Period: to

    Spanish is suppressed

  • Spanish in First Grade

    The use of Spanish is introduce in First Grade for some classes, like Helth and Reading.
  • Spanish Compulsory

    The project of the law is presented to make Spanish compulsory like a means of teaching.
  • Period: to

    Spanish is the vehicle of teaching

    It is establish that Spanish be the vehicle of teaching in grades First through Fourth, and English will be used in half of the classes for Fifth Grade and Spanish for the other half.
  • Linguistic Controversial

    The linguistic controversy continues with political nuance.
  • Dr. José Padín

    The first to exhibit English as a forreign language from a pedological point of view.
  • José M. Gallardo

    Tried to implement a bilingual program but the many public protests did not permit it.
  • Spanish prevail

    Spanish prevails again until Sixth Grade and English continues to be a subject.
  • Vernacular

    The vernacular is used as a vehicle of teaching until Ninth Grade.
  • Dr. Mariano Villaronga

    He put an end to the prolonged debate of bilingualism decreeing the vernacular teaching in all the Grades of the Public Schools startingfrom the School year 1949 - 1950.
  • Bilingual Education Law

    In the United States the Bilingual Education Law is signed by President Johnson.
  • Period: to

    Bilingual Projects in Puerto Rico

    Bilingual projects are implemented in Puerto Rico under the Goverment of Popular Democratic Party in the schools Padre Rufo and Papa Juan XXIII.
  • Bilingual Education Boom

    Bilingual Education makes a Boom in the United States.
  • Bilingual Project

    Bilingual Education Program is not a "program" and the "projects" are transferred to the English Department.
  • Bilingual Education Autonomous

    Bilingual education programs are autonomous again.
  • BEC 21

    Governor Fortuño implements a bilingual program called BEC 21 in various schools of Puerto Rico.