Puerto Rico Language Policy Timeline

Timeline created by aramgp
  • Period: to

    Awarness of English

    It was established that teachers should learn English. This would give them priority at the time of being concidered for a teaching possition.
  • Period: to

    Preserving Spanish, Acquiring English

    Primary grades where taught in Spanish and English was a special subject. In middle school all classes where in English and Spanish was a special subject. Salutation to the flag, national anthem.
  • Period: to

    More use of the English language

    Englishbeing concidered for becoming the primary language
  • Period: to

    No more Spanish

    English is now used to teach all grades and classes in public schools.
  • Spanish for first grade

    Classes such as higine, health and reading where being taught in Spanish
  • Teaching in Spanish

    A law was passed to make mandatory teaching in Spanish
  • Period: to

    Teaching Spanish to primary grades

    The Spanish language was being instated as the official language to teaach.
  • World War I

    Puertorricans are granted citizenship.
  • Period: to

    More enphasis on English

    Publishing school materials in the Spanish language was prohibited.
  • Spanish comeback!

    Spanish was reinstated for teaching and English was a special subject.
  • Spanish continues

    Spanish was the primary language for teaching.
  • Spanish, The official language

    Spanish was declared the official language for teaching, policy that still prevails.
  • Bilingual Education

    The United States signed a law of bilingual education.
  • Funds for teaching

    Puerto Rico submited a request for funds to attend students that came from the United States.
  • Period: to

    Bilingual Project

    Bilingual projects where implemented in two schools of Puerto Rico
  • Period: to

    Bilingual Project

    The bilingual program became the bilingual project of the English Department.
  • BEC 21

    Different schools of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico where remodeled and transformed into the 21st Century schools, giving Science and Math in the English language.