• Reverland Lyman Beecher

    Reverland Lyman Beecher preaches against the evils of alcohol
  • Maine was the first state to prohibit

    Maine was the first state to prohibit
    Maine was the first state to prohibit the manufacture and sale of alcohol
  • Anti-Saloon Leaque

    Anti-Saloon Leaque
    Anti-Saloon Leaque founded by Reverned Howard Hyde Russell in Overlin, Ohio
  • Pre-Prohibition

    Pre-prohibition Temperance raid discarding liquor in Topeka, Kansas
  • THe 18th Amendment is ratified

    THe 18th Amendment is ratified
  • The National prohibition act

    The National prohibition act, also know as the Volstead act is passed
  • Roy Olmstead

    Roy Olmstead becomes "King of the Puget sound Bootleggers
  • hidden clubs and dances

    hidden clubs and dances
    Dance halls and night clubs, called illegal speakesies, were often moved to hidden locations. One was located in Longhorn Cavern in Central Texas
  • Al Capone

    Al Capone
    Al Capone is blamed for murder of prosecutor, Billy McSwiggin
  • Gangs

    The trade of illegal alcohol became a source of criminal gangs gaining more and more power. Including Al Capone
  • purple gang

    purple gang
    The purple gang goes to trial for bootlegging and highjacking
  • Violence on rise

    Gang violence is on the rise in nearly ever single city in the entire United States because of prohibition
  • 21st amendment

    21st amendment
    the 21st Amendment reapling Prohibition is ratified
  • alcohol is legall

    alcohol is legall
    The government was starting to rethink this prohibiton situation. By march 1933 the United Stated government decided to repeal Roosevelt amending the volstead act to allowe the sale of alcohol. By december 1933, alcohol could be sold again
  • John Barleycorn

    John Barleycorn
    In Norflok, Virginia, John Barleycorn died. He symbolized the evils of alocohol.