Professional Public Policy in Education-Gawel/Barkan

By barkan1
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    Funding for education programs for disadvantaged students for equity in education.
  • Report "Reclaiming Our Nation At Risk"

    System of education was lacking behind other nations. Threatened opportunities and economy. Schools need to adopt more rigourous standards, higher expectations for academic performance, and 4-year colleges and universities need to raise requirements for admission.
  • Improving America's Schools Act and Goals

    Required state academic-content standards and tests
  • Educate America Act

    Provided federal funds to aid states in writing those content standards
  • ESEA Reauthorization: “No Child Left Behind"

    State officials have created annual tests for students and reporting results to set forth content standards.This effort to achieve quity and excellence through standards and accountability.
    The purpose/goal of the legislation is the same; most funds are in Title 1 for education support for disadvantaged students.
    About 10% of public education costs are now funded by the federal government, primarily via NCLB.