Professional Experience

  • Undergraduate Degree

    Undergraduate Degree
    Resume I am currently attending the Arizona State University pursuing my degree in Operations Management and Technology. I am also minoring in Small Business. I plan on graduating in May 2014
  • Career Peer

    Career Peer
    Resume This is my current position at the Arizona State University in the Career and Preparation center. I work with students on a daily basis helping them configure and create competitive resumes for thier future job searches. In addition to resume help, I also help students with their interview skills by forming and asking them questions replicating a actual interview.
  • Dean List/Honor Roll

    Dean List/Honor Roll
    First Dean's List Award
  • Recruting Officer

    Recruting Officer
    Resume I am a recruiting officer in the on campus service fraternity of Sigma Chi Sigma. I helped recruit 10 new members to the fraternity and helped promote the fraternity to new on campus arrivals.
  • Undergraduate Student Government

    Undergraduate Student Government
    Resume I am currently a member of the Undergraduate Student Government on the Polytechnic student government. I am currently a chair on the activites and promotions comittee. Recently I led my group of 5 student leaders to hold an on campus week long event to promote school spirit and diversity. It was called America Week.
  • Dean's List/ Honor Roll

    Dean's List/ Honor Roll
    Second Dean's List Award
  • LeadAmerica Internship

    LeadAmerica Internship
    Resume Over the summer I was able to conduct an internship with the LeadAmerica student development organization. I traveled to Boston and New York to work hand in hand with the Operations Director and Manger to schedule, plan and execute varying facets of the conferences to make sure they ran to thier full potential.
  • Team Leader/ Volunteer

    Team Leader/ Volunteer
    Resume I volunteered with the sustainability club assiting them with the construction of new lots to plant new plants. I led a group of five students in this process.