Printing Timeline

  • Apr 18, 700

    Block printing

    chinese created/used block printing
  • Feb 17, 1045

    Moveable Type

    Bi Sheng made moveable type
  • Feb 4, 1300

    Wood Block Printing

    A group of Europeans discovered wood block printing
  • Mar 8, 1440

    Better version on a moveable type

    A goldsmith named Johannes Gutenberg created a better version of the moveable type
  • Apr 10, 1456

    Gutenberg bible

    Johannes Gutenberg had the Gutenberg bible named after it was complete
  • May 12, 1457

    Color Printer

    The 1st color printer was created
  • Jan 18, 1539

    printing shop

    An italian printer named Juan Pablos set up a printing company
  • first printing press

    Stephen Daye and his son set the 1st printing press in mass
  • 1st newspaper

    the 1st publishing company in American created the 1st newspaper
  • 4-color rotary press

    The 4-color rotary press was invented
  • commercial silk screening

    the commercial silk screening (another form of printing) was invented