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Printing Press

  • Jan 1, 1035

    Recycling is Born

    Recycling is Born
    Waste paper was first repulped and used as a material for papermaking. The birth of recycling.
  • Jan 1, 1041

    Moveable Type

    Moveable Type
    Movable type was invented in China by Pi Sheng, but because the Chinese characters did not lend themselves to the technique, the invention had little use in that country. Rather than an alphabet, the Chinese used thousands of "symbols." That made for a pretty difficult job in sorting their "type."
  • Jan 1, 1309


    Paper was first used in England.
  • Jan 1, 1423

    Europe Woodblock

    Europe Woodblock
    The earliest dated European woodblock print. It shows St. Christopher bearing the infant Christ.
  • Jan 1, 1454

    Europe Prints

    Europe Prints
    The earliest and first dated document printed from movable type in Europe. It is a 30-line indulgence granted by Pope Nicolaus V to those who donated money for the struggle against the Turks. This is attributed to Gutenberg.
  • Jan 1, 1455

    The Bible

    The Bible
    The 42-line Bible known as The Gutenberg Bible was completed by Fust and Schoeffer. This was the first major effort in Europe using movable type. Gutenberg started the work, then lost his company when he was unable to pay loans made by Fust.
  • Jan 1, 1477

    Printing in England

    Printing in England
    William Caxton brought the art of printing to England.
  • Jan 1, 1501

    Pocket Books

    Pocket Books
    Aldus Manutius introduced his famous series of classics. It was in these that the italic form of type was first used. These were history’s first "pocket books."
  • Jan 1, 1540

    North America Prints

    North America Prints
    The first printing was done in North America when Juan Pablos printed Manuel de Aldutos. Pablos is believed to have printed an earlier book but no trace of it has turned up.
  • English Newspaper

    English Newspaper
    The first true English language newspaper, and the oldest existing newspaper, The London Gazette was published. The first 23 issues were called The Oxford Gazette. After the plague, when the Crown moved back to London from Oxford, the newspaper moved also.
  • Daily Newspaper

    Daily Newspaper
    History’s first daily newspaper was established when Elizabeth Mallett issued The Daily Courant in England.
  • The Spectator

    The Spectator
    Addison and Steele first issued The Spectator, considered to be one of journalism’s finest accomplishments.
  • Gentleman's Magazine

    Gentleman's Magazine
    Edward Cave brought out his highly successful periodical, The Gentleman’s Magazine. This was the first publication to use the name "magazine" in its title.
  • Automatic Printing Press

    Automatic Printing Press
    Konig built the first automatic printing press and installed it in the offices of The London Times.
  • First Printer in Texas

    First Printer in Texas
    Samuel Bangs first set up his printing press on Galveston Island - making him the first printer in Texas. He was captured by the Mexicans and sent to Mexico City where he became that country’s public printer.
  • Bound Book

    Bound Book
    William Pickering introduced his "Diamond Classics," the first books to be bound in bookcloth. Prior to this time, if you purchased a book from a printer, you got the folded signatures wrapped in paper. You would take these to your favorite bookbinder for binding.
  • "The Penny Press"

    "The Penny Press"
    The first mass produced newspaper in America, The New York Sun, was issued. The publication sold for one penny, and thus the name, "the penny press."
  • The New York Tribune

    The New York Tribune
    Ottmar Mergenthaler set up the first successful automatic typesetting machine in the offices of The New York Tribune.
  • Xerox

    The introduction of the first Xerox machine.
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  • Creation of Paper

    Creation of Paper
    The Diamond Sutra, the first printed book, was printed. It is a roll sixteen feet in length and was the original form of Chinese book printing.
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