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Prestige Properties

By bpedder
  • Touch base: Market Survey

    Follow up with James re: Amanda calling competitors in Austin. If the survey reveals positive comps, move forward to the rest of the timeline.
  • Update contracts and website.

    Change documents to allow them to be used in any city. Update website.
  • Period: to

    Prestige 30-60 Day

  • Build action items to add value to Dallas operation.

    Short list:
    Add opt-in to website
    Newsletter for caretakers and clients
    Relocation website
    Keyword definition
    Youtube channel
    Video testimonials and fly-throughs
    Before and after photos
  • Establish access to Austin MLS

    Work with Robin to gain access to local real estate search and lockbox access.
  • Launch first relocation website

    Build site with info on relocating to each area.
    Build them based on natural keywords
    Put local realtor adds on the site as a courtesy
  • Create Newsletter for clients and caretakers

    Build content for a newsletter for each customer set.
  • Create postcard for realtors with pitch.

  • Spend a few days in Dallas shadowing operation

    Work in office, visit sites, connect with realtors, and learn best practices.
  • Create Youtube Channel and film testimonials

    Build Youtube site and populate it with links to and the relocation websites
  • Shoot before and after photos

    Shoot some vacant homes and then shoot them after Caretakers move in.