• Carter Election

    camp david accords
    Carter got peace treaty between Israel and Egypt(Domestic)- Inflation and crisis with economy [Iran Hostage Crisis]- american soldiers were captured for 10 years
  • Ronald Reagan

    President from 1981-1989
    opponent was Jimmy Carter.
    Reagan wanted to redefine national policy to the soviet union
  • Reagan Election 1984

    opponent was Walter F Mondalereagan
    tried to improve relations between US and Soviet Unionobtained an overhaul of the income tax to help the bad economy.
  • HW Bush Election

    opponent was Michael Dukakis
    Bush tried to stop spread of communism,also tried to balance the budget and reduce the deficit without imposing additional taxes
  • Clinton Election

    opponents were George h. W. Bush
    Ross Perot sent troops to somalia to help with the famine, turned to a bloody strugglewanted to help economic struggles, unemployment, the runaway deficit, and the health care crisis
  • Clinton election '96

    opponent was Bob Dole and Ross Perotsent 20, 000 american soldiers to enforce an uneasy settlement that stabilized a war-torn Bosniacongress passed a sweeping reform bill to end welfare, also increases the minimum wage to $5. 15 per hour
  • George W Bush election

    opponent was Al Goredelivered a speech to congress about going to war in afghanistan to capture all Al Qaeda leaders and the TalibanSigned a tax cutting bill. Tried to support and strengthen public education
  • George w Bush Election '04

    opponent was John KerryMade
    sure Iran did not gain nuclear weapons. Tried to make Iran democratic
  • Barack Obama Election

    opponent was John McCaine
    negotiation of nuclear arms with Russia
    Major economic crisis. Unemployment rate, leading banks were close to collapsing