Present Perfect time

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    The present perfect simple

    The present perfect simple
    is used for the following situations:
    recent events without a definite time given
    We`ve missed the turning.
    Indefinite events, which hapene at an unknown time in the past
    Jim has three car accidents
    indefinite events which may have an obvious result in the present
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    contrast with the Past Simple

    contrast with the Past Simple
    I`ve bought a car.
    I bought a car last week.
    The choice between Past Simple and The Present perfect simple for recent events may depend on the attitude of the speaker. This in turn may depend on whether the speaker feels distant in time or place from the event:
    I`ve left my wallet in the car.
    I left my wallet in the car.
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    Present Perfect Continuous

    Present Perfect Continuous
    can be used for a range of situations, depending on time expression used and the context.
    A state which lastsup to the present moment:
    I`ve been working for you for three hours!
    An incomplete activity:
    I`ve been cleaning the house but I still haven`t finished.
    To emphasize duration:
    I have been writing letters all morning.
    A recently finished activity:
    I`ve been running. Thay`s why I look hot.