• DM&A Good to Best Show-San Diego I presented self scheckout technology at a tradeshow in San Diego. I represented Fast Track Convenience and asked Brad to help me out with the presentation.
  • Brad begins working for Sterling Services

    Brad receives Health Insurance and a direct payment of $475 per week tax free to account number 903395176. This continues until 9/27/2011
  • Freedom Shopping offers VAR partnership

    Freedom Shopping ends their relationship with Fast Track Convenience and offers VAR partnership if I form a new company
  • Joseph Heslling dba 365 Retail Markets is formed

    Joseph Hesling is the owner
  • Freedom Shopping ends Fast Track relationship

  • Jamie Bolak begins 365 Website

  • Leanne Wheeler writes 365 Wesite copy

  • Nathan Vance finishes 365 Website

    Brad manages this process, runs months over and 2x quote
  • Brad continues to consult and entertain business opportunities

    Brad works with Rich Audi on web project as well as Hannah Berger on another web project.
  • 365 contracts Freedom Shopping to build 365 POS

  • Brad hires Jamie Bolak to design artwork for 365 POS

  • RPIII Investment Discussions Begin

  • 365 Retail Markets LLC is formed

    Joseph Hessling is 100% owner
  • Joe asks Gary Figursky to meet with Brad

    Details of deal are spelled out clearly in email sent to Brad and Gary. Brad meets with Gary shortly afterwards
  • Brad and Joe have another ownership discussion

    Brad says he is giving 100% at his job, I question that statement. He says he feels he is an owner already for the first time