Post- 1900s Era (1930-2000)

  • Claudio Abbado 1933-2014

    Genre composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions/ Innovations: Music Director of La Scala 1968-1986 and founder of the European Union Youth Orchestra 1978.
    Stylistic Traits: Conducting from memory
    Inventions: the FM radio, Stereo records, and the drive-in. move theatre.
  • Krystoff Penderecki 1933-2020

    Genres Composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: Tubaphones
    Stylistic Traits: Using Semitones and Tritones in his violin concertos and then his choral polish requiem.
  • Henryk Gorecki 1933-2010

    Genres Composed: Contemporary classical music
    Musical Inventions: -----------
    Stylistic Traits: Atonality, then abandoned for a reflective gentle style.
    Inventions: ---------
  • Giya Kancheli 1935-2019

    Genres composed: Classical music (Gregorian)
    Musical Inventions: Influence of the Swing era
    Stylistic Traits: Harmonized Messian style featuring; modernism and archaic.
    Inventions: Watson-Watt radar
  • Philip Glass 1937-current

    Genres composed: Minimalistic contemporary classical film score
    Musical Inventions: Hi-Fi sounds, Electrophones
    Stylistic Traits: Instrumental, Vocal and Operatic music
    Inventions: 1st jet engine and automatic pickup
  • William Bolcom 1938-current

    Genres Composed: Opera
    Musical Inventions: ------
    Stylistic Traits: Chamber cycles, Concertos, Theatre, Opera, and Symphonies.
    Inventions; the 1st Computer
  • Glenn Gould 1945-1982

    Genres composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: Small keyboards and long-playing records
    Stylistic Traits: Technique of contrapuntal texture in Bach's music
    Inventions: The Credit Card
  • John Adams 1947-current

    Genres Composed: Opera and Orchestral
    Musical Inventions: The Clavioline
    Stylistic Traits: Minimalistic, Post style, repeating patterns
    Inventions: The Transmitter
  • Andrew Lloyd Weber 1948-current

    Genres Composed: Musical Theatre
    Musical Inventions: Columbia- introduces vinyl records
    Stylistic Traits: Musicals and Operas
  • Libby Larson 1950-current

    Genres Composed: Classical
    Musical Inventions: Fender and Birth of Rock and Roll
    Stylistic Traits: Orchestral, Dance, Opera, Choral, and Chamber/ Solo performance.
    Inventions: Radial tires, Computer hard disk, pace maker
  • Tod Machover 1953-current

    Genres Composed: Operas and Classical
    Musical Inventions: The Gibson-Les Paul
    Stylistic Traits: Futuristic music (Instruments used before popular)
    Inventions: Color in TV and Automatic doors
  • Hans Zimmer 1957-current

    Genres Composed: Film Score and recording producer
    Musical Inventions: "The Music Man," Telegraph keyboard transmitter.
    Stylistic Traits: Baroque classical style to moving adagios
    Inventions: Launch of Sputnik
  • Paco de lucia 1958-2014

    Genres composed: Spanish flamenco guitar
    Musical inventions: Cassette tapes, digital instruments
    Stylistic traits: Introduced instruments and techniques that shocked the flamenco world of music.
    Inventions: The American Express card, the term "meritocracy," the laser.
  • Jennifer Higdon 1962-current

    Genres Composed: Opera
    Musical Inventions: ---------
    Stylistic Traits: Modern, Traditional/ Contemporary
    Inventions: Push-button telephone
  • James Horner 1978-2015

    Genres composed: Film Scores
    Musical Inventions: The Jukebox and phonograph
    Stylistic Traits: Strong Impressionistic melodies and simple repeated phrases.
    Inventions: The Tv and GPS