Plastic History Timeline

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  • Parkesine

    The first ever plastic is created by Alexander Parkes and reaveled at a convention in London. This plastic was not heat resistent, but was cheaper than rubber, the only other material like it. It was derived from plants and their cell walls.
  • Bakelite

    Bakelite is made from a resin from coal tar. It is used to make jewlelry and radio/clock cases. This new plastic hardened quicky and didn't melt when under heat and pressure.
  • PVC

    PVC or polyvinyl chloride was invented in efforts to reduce the use of natural rubber. It is now used in piping, clothing, curtians, upholdstry, and flooring. It is used mostly for construction. However, its use in medical equipment is questioned because it caused hormone changes in rats when used on them.
  • Polyethylene

    This is the most common plastic used today and is known as the "everything plastic". It is cheap, durable, flexible, and chemically resistent. It is used in milk jugs, food containers, soda bottles, and plastic bags.
  • Nylon

    Nylon was created and used as a fashion accessory. It was introduced to the world at the New York World Fair in 1939-40. This was the start of the age when plastic started to take over as a new material and started replacing natural materials.
  • Dacron

    This new plastic was called Dacron and was made by DuPont. This plastic was used in clothing, bottles, film, tape, canoes, and as finish on high-quality wood.
  • Styrofoam

    This plastic is a plastic made of oil and is one of the most commomly used plastics in the world. It is used in packaging, toys, household items, and other things. This plastic was first discovered in 1839, but was shown to the world by Dow Chemicals in 1954.
  • Kevlar

    A DePont scientist discovered this plastic, which is light, flexible, and 5 times as strong as an ounce of steel. This is a material now used in the military as helmets, jackets, and bulletproof vests.
  • Fleece

    One of the warmer materials known to mankind, fleece, was created by Maiden Mills. This material is super lightweight and doesn't absorb water.
  • Plastic Age

    Plastic is not as recongnized by specific brands anymore, but new plastics called nanotechnology are being created. However, environmentalists are starting to fight against plastics and talk about their unknown health affects. People are beginging to realize there a giant garbage dumps in the ocean, such as the Great Garbage Patch. Some states in the United States are starting to tax plastic bags and theit uses in grocery stores.
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    Plastic History

    The important new plastics made in the world and the their moments.