Pixel Art- Yuniel Garcia

Timeline created by Stitch472
  • The Early Years

    The Early Years
    The Early Years of Pixel Art was all up to the persons imagination. and was just a few pixels on the screen like PONG.
  • The 8-Bit Era

    The 8-Bit Era
    The 8-Bit Era was still limited due to the technology we had back then. Although they were limited it was obvious the people making games in 8-bit were trying to make the characters more recognizable. This led to appealing worlds, backgrounds, and some cinematic cutscenes.
  • The 16-Bit Era

    The 16-Bit Era
    Arcade machines had reached their peak but consoles graphics had continued on. The game creators had refined pixel art to the point that they felt comfortable to venture away from their arcade origins and created their own distinct game worlds and can hold up with games releasing currently. Some games even attempted to make a 3D pixel art game blend.
  • The Slow Downfall of Pixel Art

    The Slow Downfall of Pixel Art
    Pixel art was slowly dying out as 3D games were being brought in and being refined. This does not mean that pixel art games are gone some companies still made them and they were good just 3D games were up and coming.
  • Modern Day

    Modern Day
    Pixel Art is now mainly on handheld consoles and some indie games that go for a more "retro" feel. Although pixel art is not being used as often it is still evolving and getting better as time goes on. https://youtu.be/70d9irlxiB4