• Jan 1, 717

    Invention of the Grenade

    The Invention of the Grenade by the Greeks
  • Nov 30, 1001

    Invention of the Cannon

    The Invention of the Cannon
  • Period: Nov 30, 1096 to Nov 30, 1272

    The Crusades

    These wars were encouraged by the Catholic Church against the Turks to reopen English Access to the Ganza Strip
  • Jan 1, 1201

    Invention of the Musket

    The invention of the slow loading musket
  • Period: Nov 30, 1455 to Nov 30, 1485

    War of the Roses

    The war between the houses of Lancaster and York over the English Throne. Eventually Lancaster won and combined the houses to form the house of Tudor
  • Invention of the Machine Gun

    The first machine gun, known as the "Puckle Gun".
  • Period: to

    The America Civil War

    The War between the Confedarates and the Union which split America in half.The Confedarates eventually called for a surrender and the Union won. Lincoln was assasinated 24 days before that.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

    The First World War between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers.More than 9 million combatants killed.
  • Period: to

    World War 2

    The second world war between the Axis Powers and the Allied forces. The Axis Powers eventually agreed to a ceasefire.
  • PICS 1.0 Invented

    PICS 1.0 was invented by Paloma Industrius funded by Future Knights.
  • PICS 2.0 Testing

    PICS 2.0 enters testing.