Photography Through the Ages

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  • Daguerreotype

    The Daguerreotype brought photography to the attention of many people. It was very time consuming and expensive. Mainly used for shooting portraits. A very famous Abraham Lincoln portrait was taken using this.
  • Abraham Lincoln Portrait

    Abraham Lincoln Portrait
  • Nikons 35mm SLRs

    Nikons 35mm SLRs
    This 35mm became the most popular format in history of photography! The first eye-level and single lens camera. It's mainly been produced for film formats. There were multiple themes during this era, a lot of modelling and movie production. A famous photo is of Marilyn Monroe
  • Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe
  • First Ever Digital Camera by Kodak

    First Ever Digital Camera by Kodak
    Steve Sasson made the first ever digital camera. It took the 23 seconds to capture a single photo. It's used to store videos and pictures in a electronic format. The first digital camera started a trend, leading us to now have much more and advanced digital cameras able to shoot anything!
  • Famous Photo Taken With a Digital Camera

    Famous Photo Taken With a Digital Camera
    Taken in the 21st century
  • DJI Osmo Pocket 2019+

    DJI Osmo Pocket 2019+
    We have come a long way since the very first camera. Now we have great quality cameras on our cellphones. Each year new camera's are being made. Some specifically for portraits, videos, sports although many are made optimal for all of them! The Osmo Pocket is a great example of a sports based camera and how far technology will process. It has a very different form and style.