Photography Coordinator

By sweprin
  • Period: to


  • April shared workload issues w/ Lisa

  • Lisa contacted Kelly

  • Kelly alerted Mike of issue w/ April

  • Mike alerted me to Kelly's concern

  • Period: to



  • REPORT: List of April's Job Duties Presented

    List from April summarizing her responsibilities
  • REPORT: Issues to Address Presented

    Following our meeting this list summarizes all of April's concerns, along with some possible solutions
  • REPORT: Presented possible solutions and new processes

    A summary of revisions to her current process, or, alternatively, some brand new processes, which I think would help reduce any problems she faces.
  • REPORT: Solutions to develop into actions presented

  • Met with April

    This was to discuss proposed solution; get agreement and buy-in.
  • Create new Photo Request Form

  • FINAL REPORT: Proposed Solutions/Actions

  • DANNY Starts helping with paths

  • Mike requests timeline

  • IRMA Starts helping with outlines

  • Period: to


  • Meet w/ Kelly

    Present findings and propose changes
  • Kelly reviews plan

  • Kelly presents to staff

  • Kelly replies to Steve and Mike on proposed action