• who invented the first telephone

    who invented the first telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone
  • the telephone gets better

    the telephone gets better
    Alecander Graham creates the bell company.
  • the crank phone

    the crank phone
    A crank telephone produced a voltage that operated a relay on the Operator's switchboard that would drop a little flag and indicate to the operator that you wanted to make a call. The operator would see the flag fall and plug into the corresponding jack and would talk to the person that wanted to make a call
  • trackphones

    Johnston invented the trackphones in 1996
  • Blackbearry phones

    Blackbearry phones
    They can serve the web, text, call, take pictures and so much more.
  • The Razor phones

    The Razor phones
    The razor cell phone is a small flip phone that is portable,