Phillip Phillips

  • Birth of Phillip

    Birth of Phillip
    Phillip Landon Phillips Jr. was born on this date in Leesburg, Georgia to Phillip Phillips Sr. and Sheryl Phillips.
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    Life of Phillip Phillips

  • Phillips Begins Making Music

    Phillips Begins Making Music
    When Phillips was 14, he began making music with his older sister's boyfriend (and now husband), Benjamin Neil. Neil taught him how to play several chords and Phillips immediatley fell in love with music. Since Neil lived in a different town, Phillips then began studying guitar on his own.
  • Phillips Graduates From High School

    Phillips Graduates From High School
    Phillip Phillips graduated from Lee County High School in 2009. He performed a song at the ceremony. His old music teacher, Kevin Blaise, recalls Phillips was quiet in music class. He was surprised to hear Phillips sing so well.
  • Phillip Phillips Band Forms

    Phillip Phillips Band Forms
    On this date, Phillip Phillips, his sister's boyfriend Neil, and Todd Urick formed the Phillip Phillips band. They performed in various local venues and events.
  • Phillips Wins "Albany Star"

    Phillips Wins "Albany Star"
    In 2010, Phillips won the "Albany Star" competition. This was a singing competition in Georgia.
  • American Idol Audition

    American Idol Audition
    Phillip Phillips auditioned for American Idol. He performed the songs "Superstition," by Stevie Wonder and "Thriller," by Michael Jackson. He was immediatley given the golden ticket.
  • Phillips wins "Idol" and "Home"

    Phillips wins "Idol" and "Home"
    Phillips beats his opponant Jessica Sanchez and wins "American Idol." The same night, his first singe "Home" is released. He was the first winner to have his song in the Top 10 of the Hot 100 in four years.
  • Phillips undergoes surgery

    Phillips undergoes surgery
    After the Top 13 performance night, Phillips discovered he had a kidney problem. He struggled to keep up with the tight "American Idol" schedule. Phillips missed several non-stage events. On this date, he had surgery to remove his kidney stones.
  • "The World from the Side of the Moon" is released

    "The World from the Side of the Moon" is released
    Phillips relesed his first album on this date. This included "Home," "Gone, Gone, Gone," and "Hold On," along with many other great hits.
  • Phillips Graduation from College

    Phillips Graduation from College
    This was the date when Phillip Phillips graduated from Albany Technical College. He finished all his assignments and took his exams early so he could fly out on this date. He missed his graduation due to committments with "Idol"