Phase 1: New England lights the fuse

By bkunz
  • Lexitington

    On the way to concord the british notice 80 militia men standing in lexington. The british had a chose go around lexington and head to concord or go the lexington. They chose lexington, after arriving no one knew what to do but in the confusion a shot was fired, no one knows who shot the shot, but it started a war, the british won the batlle and they were heading for concord.
    The picture is the british and militia men in lexington
    American leader: John Parker
    British leader: Gen. Gage
  • Battle at Concord

    Battle at Concord
    The Britsih go on there adventure to concord to destroy the American supplies. They arrive at concord but find barely any supplies. They find some bullets and cannons which they burn, The british then advance to the bridge were 400 minutemen are waiting, The british retreat and get shot at the Whole way back to boston.
    The picture:In the picture you see the burning of the cannons which the Americans mistook as the burning of there homes.
    American leader: John Parker
    British leader: Gen, Gage
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary timeline

  • Seige of Fort Ticonderoga

    Seige of Fort Ticonderoga
    200 American militia men are lead into fort Ticonderoga, there Ethan Allen demands the fort is to be surrendered and because of such suprise the british were in no condition to fight so they surrendered the fort.We gained cannons and other supplies whichwe use in the future of the war.
    The picture is of the fort
    American leaders: Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnald
  • Bunker Hill Battle

    Bunker Hill Battle
    The Americans Were stuck on breeds hill the British had a chose either go in and flank the Americans or what William Howe chose, go face to face and attack. The Americans ended up killing 226 british men 19 of which were oficers and wounded 828 men 62 of which were officers. So even though the british won it was not a good victory.
    The picture shows the british trying to make it up the hill with no success.
    American leaders: William presscott and Joseph Warren
    British leader: William Howe
  • BAttle of Quebec

    BAttle of Quebec
    Our goal was to capture quebeq but because our men were in no condition for snow we lost,
    In the picture you can see how the American men even had there summer blazers on.Where as the candians in black were prepared. American leaders:Benedict Arnold and George Washington
  • British Retreat From Boston

    British Retreat From Boston
    After the british take over boston the American strategy is to trap them and because Boston is a peninsula it was much easier. The British had not yet surrendered but Americans set up the cannons that we had gained from Fort Ticonderoga and we threatened to lob the cannon balls at the city, which made the british surrender. The british were gone from boston.
    The picture shows the pennisula of boston
    American leader:George Washington
    British leader: William Howe