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  • Founder of Peta

    Founder of Peta
    Ingrid Newkirk is an English-born British/American animal rights activist and the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the world's largest animal rights organization.
  • When was Peta born?

    When was Peta born?
    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Date founded
  • Monkeys

    PETA conducts an undercover investigation exposing the suffering of the Silver Spring monkeys in a Maryland research facility, resulting in the first-ever police raid on a laboratory.

    PETA gets a U.S. Department of Defense underground “wound lab” shut down and achieves a permanent ban on shooting dogs and cats in military wound laboratories.
  • Orangutanes beat up

    Orangutanes beat up
    After PETA exposes the backstage beating of orangutans by Las Vegas entertainer Bobby Berosini, his wildlife permit is suspended and his show closes.
  • Farm

    PETA’s efforts lead to the first-ever cruelty charges filed against a factory farmer for cruelty to chickens for allowing tens of thousands of chickens to starve to death. The president of the company ultimately pleads guilty.
  • Poor foxes

    A PETA investigation that documented the anal electrocution of foxes leads to the first-ever guilty plea by a fur rancher to cruelty-to-animals charges.
  • Farmers beating pigs

    Undercover investigations into pig-breeding factory farms in North Carolina and Oklahoma reveal horrific conditions and daily abuse of pigs, including the fact that one pig was skinned alive, leading to the first-ever felony indictments of farm workers.
  • when peta reached more than 1 million helpers.

    when peta reached more than 1 million helpers.
    ETA: 2 million members and supporters
    peta2 (PETA’s youth division): 1 million supporters
    PETA websites: 65,000,000 visits a year
    Mailing List: over 2.5 million e-newsletter subscribers
    Direct Mail: more than 17 million pieces a year
  • Dancing Polar Bears

    PETA’s efforts lead to the confiscation of six undernourished polar bears from a tropical circus, in which they were underfed, whipped, and forced to perform in sweltering temperatures.